Ducen PartnersDucen’s Partnership Program is designed to deliver strategic business value to our customers. In close collaboration, we work with our partners to ensure ongoing project success. We make significant commitments to each other, including investments in joint development, technical implementation and training as well as sales and marketing enablement programs. Through our joint efforts, customers are able to minimize their risk and maximize the return on their business intelligence initiatives.

Our partners’ comprehensive offerings include business and process consulting, technology advisory and innovative software products.

New, industry-specific solutions are formed through our joint efforts; these solutions are tailor made to solve our customers’ most pressing business issues. Our partnership program is simple and designed to provide a flexible framework for ongoing business success, and is supported by an outstanding service network.

Partner Programs


Our partnerships fall into one of two distinct categories:


Service Partners

We collaborate with leading consulting and service companies to deploy innovative solutions that address our clients’ biggest business challenges. Our goal is to ensure higher customer satisfaction with each new project, and increased sales opportunities for your business. Our Service Partners resell Analance™ software within specific industries and geographies, and deliver added value through consulting, integration and implementation services. As a trusted advisor, you have a strong relationship with your clients and an opportunity to recognize IT requirements early on.

Business Intelligence

We work with you to create new high touch, high-value services that address your customers’ unique business requirements. Leveraging a range of consulting methodologies and IT expertise, we help you accelerate new service opportunities that bring immediate value to your customers.

As a Ducen Service Partner we committed to helping you:

  • Create differentiation with proven software, services and methodologies
  • Expand product portfolio with advanced BI, collaboration, and integration tools
  • Complement sales, with specialized technical staff and deep subject matter expertise



  • Favorable margins with opportunity registration
  • Partner training
  • Partner sales tools
  • Joint marketing activities
  • Dedicated sales & marketing resources
  • Access to pre-sales and technical resources


  • Dedicated Sales Team
    • Sales Rep available for customer presentations; assists with RFQs, deal registration and training
    • Assigned Pre-Sales Technical Lead available for proof of concept and technical inquiries
  • Dedicated Marketing Resource


To register as a partner or for more information CONTACT US.

Ducen Technology

Technology Partners

Innovation is the cornerstone of IT; and with increased competition, service providers are challenged to deliver new, meaningful products and solutions in order to stay ahead. We work with leading technology partners who are experts in their field, providing best-in-class products and solutions. For companies looking to leverage the robust capabilities of Ducen’s Analance software, we will work with you to accelerate your integration efforts to deliver new features or vertical capabilities into a bundled product.

Building on the robust capabilities of our Analance™ BI software suite, we work with our technology partners to develop new, cutting-edge solutions for improved business performance and decision making across a variety of vertical markets: Healthcare, Hospitality, Pharma, Retail and Telecommunications.

As a trusted partner we committed to helping you:

  • Leverage our versatile BI, collaboration and integration tools to create new products and market differentiation
  • Expand your product portfolio with new industry specific solutions
  • Ensure faster time to market with new solutions, leveraging the expertise of both teams



  • Versatile BI/Analytics tool
  • Ease of implementation and deployment
  • Collaborative sandbox environment
  • Dedicated technical development resource
  • Joint exploration/validation of opportunities
  • Joint marketing activities


  • Assigned Technical Lead - Available for conceptual development,testing and quality control
  • Access to Solution Architects
  • Dedicated Business Development Resource to uncover new solution opportunities in the market
  • Dedicated Marketing Resource supports joint promotions and sales tool development


To register as a partner or for more information CONTACT US.