Fraud and scams are always evolving

But are financial institutions evolving fast enough to curb or pro-actively combat its risks?

Financial institutions are expected to safeguard client information and investments along with optimizing returns on their investments. However, with fraud getting multi-dimensional and more sophisticated by the day, banks are in a greater need to go beyond their conventional control systems, and invest on advanced analytics platforms to achieve a more robust fr [...]

Big Data and Analytics in Aviation

How IoT, Big Data and Analytics give wings to the Aviation Industry?

IoT technologies (Internet of Things) and analytics have played a major role in the efforts to make aviation more efficient and improve passenger experience. The aviation industry is one of the earliest adopters of data science with mounts of data in their systems. Over the years, this industry has been making large investments to mine data and explore opportunities to improve operation [...]

Big Data Analytics for Talent Acquisition and Management

Why many organizations are leaning towards Big Data Analytics for Talent Acquisition and Management?

It is quite common to expect hiring professionals to fill vacant positions on demand although there is a possible risk of recruiting a wrong candidate. And then there are times when a prospective candidate is lost due to the indecisiveness on assessing the candidate on time.

Undeniably, human capital remains to be the [...]

Analytics in Banking

How Data Analytics Impact Banking

Customer acquisition and retention has always been primary drivers for any business. Given today’s stiff competition in the financial industry, banking product, sales and marketing divisions are under constant pressure to analyze large volumes of data generating from internal sources (like customer account transactions, credit scores, their assets and liabilities ratio) and from external factors (like interest rates, m [...]

Why you need a Big Data Strategy

Key to Business Survival: A Big Data Strategy for Risk Management

With the cost of storage dropping, thanks to cloud computing, data growth is unstoppable. But with advances in software technology, it is now possible to draw insights and conclusions from various types of data. See the true potential of big data analytics when all data merge to give a holistic view of operations – especially the insights from real-time data. Without a big data strategy, [...]

Big Data in Telecommunication

Why Big Data Analytics matter to Telecommunication?

The telecommunication industry holds a wealth of customer information and perhaps an ideal sector to benefit from a powerful data analysis tool that help parse complex data into actionable intelligence. Compared to other industries however, the telecommunication industry does prioritize data analytics to increase data visibility and use data insights to improve operational efficiency across the entire t [...]

Capacity Planning

Are overcrowded emergency rooms (ERs) a sign of poor capacity management?

Patients are almost always expected to wait long hours in overcrowded emergency room for treatment – causing patients more distress and adding a greater risk of being exposed to other infections. It begs the question whether there has really been an increase in the number of patients in every hospital or hospitals just need a better solution to manage its patient flow?

Pharma Sales Performance and Profitability

Tomorrow’s Sales Reps: Kickstart Pharma Sales Performance & Profitability

Pharmaceutical companies have traditionally relied on sales representatives for conducting face-to-face meetings with physicians to market their pharmaceutical drugs and drive sales. Recently however, the opportunity to be able to directly meet and discuss with a physician has been on a decline.

Three factors that has impacted the traditio [...]

Telecom Proactive Customer Care

How to reduce customer churn? It’s simple.

Delight your customers with the help of Advanced Analytics