Application Support Communications industry is rapidly becoming an ecosystem of connected devices and always-on services to deliver on the promise of true convergence. Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility is transforming traditional Communications organizations into digital organizations with new revenue streams and service offerings providing additional value to their enterprise or consumer markets.

Ducen is uniquely positioned to support their journey to B2B2C model with broad services & solutions honed by our long history of successful end-to-end Communications engagements. We help our clients simplify operations, uncover new revenue streams and employ new cost saving measures for their business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM systems help communications companies in managing customer churn by connecting the data points from Sales, Service, and Transactional systems. It helps in gaining a deep understanding of customer behavior and provides an ability to identify, retain, and nurture profitable customers. Successfully implemented CRM systems can be a competitive advantage that helps to increase customer share, enhance customer retention and raise revenues with new product & services expansion.


Enterprise Order Management (EOM)

Enterprise order management collects and manages all orders through various sales and marketing channels and also provides an end-to-end view of the order processing to order activation steps. EOM platform provides supports various functions: customer qualification, quoting, configuration, ordering workflows based on complex business rules, manager supply chain, inventory management, vendor order management, order acceptance, end to end tracking of all orders with notification and alerts into various stages.


Product Life Cycle Management

Communications customers are demanding a seamless unified experience across devices, applications and network. Product Life Cycle management provides a holistic approach to the "design chain" that links critical touch points over the life cycle of the end user experience. Convergence of ICT and Telecom services has compelled new and innovative services to be incorporated in tradition Telco product & services portfolios with instant and constant coordination between customer demands and fulfillment.


Sales and Revenue Assurance

As communications companies expand their product portfolios to provide a next generation content driven services environments, tracking & maximizing revenue across the service chain in their networks and operations becomes that much more complex. Revenue Assurance solution enables proactive and on going revenue recovery while optimizing process deficiencies. Using analytics & KPI it helps in providing critical insights to identify & remedy information inconsistencies leading to revenue leakage.


Network Management Systems

Telecom network management systems enable network managers in managing and monitoring the individual components a company's networked systems across its entire network ensuring reliability of critical network resources, reducing down time, and trouble shooting performance challenges before it affects the users.


Service Provisioning

Service provisioning prepares and equips a network to initiate services as assigned to customers in CRM systems while monitoring access privileges and appropriate use of hardware and software resources.


Service Assurance

Service assurance (SA) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to optimize performance and provide management guidance in communications networks, media services and end-user applications. Service assurance is an all-encompassing paradigm that revolves around the idea that maximizing customer satisfaction inevitably maximizes the long-term profitability of an enterprise.


Service Monitoring

Service Monitoring as part of network management systems expertise ensure that networks are running at its optimized levels, minimizing network downtime, increasing application performance, and meeting new networking requirements.

Communication & Media Solutions


Analytics & Business Intelligence:

Analytics and big data promise to promote growth and increase efficiency and profitability across the entire communications value chain.

Many types of data are potentially available to communications companies today from internal and external sources. Analance BI for Communications enables the data to speak a "Single Version of Truth" bringing out not just the obvious correlations but connecting the dots and driving business value to open up new business opportunities in areas such as,

  • Optimizing routing and quality of service by analyzing network traffic in real time Custom marketing campaigns using location based services or services consumption behavioral patterns
  • New Product Development or Product enhancements with ability to flexibly and profitably change subscriber plans in real time based on insights into customer behavior and usage to develop new products and services
  • Improved Fraud Management by enhancing overall accuracy and efficiency in recognizing patterns of fraudulent behavior
  • Effective Churn & Loyalty Management by moving from traditional campaigns to targeted campaigns to timely interactions at every customer touch point for event based relationships.

Application Development

Ducen has extensive experience in managing projects of any size, and has in-depth knowledge of each stage of the process, from requirements gathering to quality assurance and project rollout. Our highly-skilled application development team has worked on numerous projects across applications and platforms ranging from integrated order management of various communication products to building B2B online portals.


Data Integration

Ducen’s flexible data integration capabilities save you from the worries of how databases and applications talk to each other and instead, give you time to focus on maximizing the value of using the data. We help you leverage your investments in existing resources and integrate information across operations, channels, brands and products.


Enterprise Data Warehouse

A centralized data warehouse is essential for storing transactional data coming from multiple operational systems. Ducen delivers performance optimization techniques to increase responsiveness and provide quicker customer service; this in turn increases customer loyalty and future revenues.


Master Data Management

Ducen’s master data management (MDM) services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your service-oriented architectures (SOA), enterprise performance management (EPM) applications and business intelligence (BI) systems, while supporting data governance for strong data controls. In addition, our MDM tools provide visibility into data objects, rules, transformations and reference data. By delivering valid data and capturing all data definitions, Ducen offers a strong foundation for making smart business decisions.


System integration

Ducen’s enterprise wide application and system integration services help companies achieve seamless business processes among various disparate applications and systems. Our powerful integration solutions are carefully designed to be compatible with product configurators, back office legacy systems and ERP applications, MOSS and excel services – without making significant changes to the existing applications and data.