Application Suppor A constantly changing global economic climate and a stringent regulatory environment will continue to plague the financial services industry in 2015 and beyond . Add to that there are additional threats and challenges, such as regaining customer and market trust; enhancing risk management and governance; improving internal audit and control environment; attracting, retaining and developing the talent for the future; addressing system and data issues; protecting against security and cyber risks; and finding new ways to make money.

While implementing advanced technology has always been used as a market differentiator by leading financial services institutions, use of big data and analytics is creating a different kind of competitive advantage for their organizations. While constantly exploring new ways to develop insights across customers and markets, leading financial services & banking institutions are looking to incorporate new types of data from inside and outside their firms for producing results.

Ducen's IT & business intelligence solutions now make it easier to access, manage and make sense of this data more than ever before. Ducen helps financial services and banking institutions compete in a consumer-empowered economy, by leveraging their information assets to gain a comprehensive understanding of markets, customers, channels, products, regulations, competitors, suppliers, employees and more.


Operational Optimization

Financial services industry has to grapple with overwhelming flow of data that is produced every moment of every day. Capturing this data in a usable format is only half the battle but having the capability to analyze it and gain the necessary insight to make informed business decisions is a different challenge. These challenges are multiplied by the complex and highly confidential nature of the data coupled with strict compliance mandates.

Ducen's BI solution helps bridge data and knowledge gaps by capturing, consolidating, analyzing and reporting on a deluge of information so organizations can harness its potential and make the most informed decisions to empower smarter operations.


Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance demands unquestionable integrity and timeliness of data being reported. Better big data management and analytics tools can they help financial firms adhere to new compliance regulations. Ducen's BI solution Analance integrates data from disparate sources and creates a unified view. It's robust reporting, visualization and self-service capabilities provide speed, accuracy and control over data needed for compliance reporting.


Risk Management

Predictive analytics enable financial organizations to gain greater visibility into customer behaviors and better assess the potential for risk. Ducen's BI solution can aggregate information from multiple sources and present it to be analyzed in new, more effective ways. These valuable insights provide fraud teams with real-time risk intelligence, which allows them to make better decisions based on hundreds or even thousands of risk variables. Greater data accessibility and better analytic capabilities help in measuring, calculating, and containing risk.


Customer Intelligence

Financial services industry is under tremendous and constant pressure to create a customer centric experience by building their operations and systems to revolve around customer. Data insights allow them anticipate customer preferences and market conditions to deliver more engaging and ultimately, profitable customer experience.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Analytics & Business Intelligence Combine data management with our predictive analytics to understand the customer better and make optimum use of your business data. Ducen's BI solutions help you link customer insights in every aspect of decision making. Embed 'smart' tools and strategies into your processes with a unified architecture that offers opportunities for ever-expanding business. Our comprehensive BI solutions cater to all your strategic and tactical goals with operational data analysis and reporting capabilities that span across applications and systems.



Application Development

Application DevelopmentDucen offers custom application development and full lifecycle design across a spectrum of platforms, technologies and architecture. We use our expertise in Microsoft, Oracle and IBM development tools and platforms, complemented with client’s existing technologies to leverage the latest technology advancements. Our focus is on deploying solutions that extend beyond traditional custom software development. Ducen has helped organizations create flexible, sustainable and high quality applications on time and within the budget.



Application Support

Application SupportConstantly changing technology, regulatory, and business landscapes has made application maintenance and support a major challenge for IT. Budget constraints demand more results with less, forcing many organizations to focus strictly on immediate needs. From L1/L2/L3 support to bundled infrastructure Ducen’s application support services improve your business agility by eliminating incidents and provide increased transparency by mapping IT to key performance indicators.




Portals and Collaboration

Portals and CollaborationDucen offers portal and collaboration services to enable a smooth flow of information across the organization and to support a comprehensive view of data. Our team has deployed powerful tools for improved and secure interaction between employees, partners, clients and vendors. With single sign-on capability, clients gain access to enterprise data from disparate sources and perform analysis to gain better insight into the business. With our responsive UI design, users are able to view a mix of information, metrics and reports across portals and on different devices.




System Integration

System Integration Managing multiple IT systems can result in unwanted complexities, inefficiencies and decreased productivity. Coupled with the need to build in a flexible framework that adapts to next-generation technologies it can be a never-ending task. With Ducen’s experienced team of professionals, we help transform your IT infrastructure into an agile and optimally functional framework that helps you grow with your business. We help our clients leverage existing technical infrastructures while integrating the new services necessary to remain competitive. Our proven integration strategies enable speedy application integration, minimal custom development time and significantly reduced IT costs.