Hospitality Driven by customer loyalty and preferences, it is critical for the hospitality sector to understand their customers and bring about innovations in their service offerings. The increasing competitive pressures within the industry are posing a challenge to optimizing price and in running a more profitable business.

Ducen's vast experience and in-depth understanding of this sector enables us to help businesses understand their customers, identify peak travel periods, analyze revenue indicators and optimize resources.

Our solutions benefit players both large and small, across several industry segments including hotels, restaurants, food services and travel intermediaries.


Performance Management

Analyzing service quality and multi-channels/locations helps companies within the hospitality sector deliver a positive customer experience. Our competitive intelligence services deliver insight about market trends, gaps in current offerings and new innovations needed in order to stay ahead. These solutions enable businesses to easily forecast the inflow of guests, accelerate revenues, optimize resource planning, control expenses and enhance customer satisfaction.


Customer Analysis

Guest profiling is extremely critical for companies in the hospitality industry. Being able to identify frequent customers, and study their buying trends and preferences can help companies personalize services to enhance customer loyalty. Customer segmentation enables businesses to identify season and off-season travelers, spot luxury vs. corporate stays and optimize labor and service planning to meet peak demands.

With Ducen solutions you can get proactive - increase accountability, tackle issues quickly, enhance your front-line performance to meet strategic and tactical business objectives.


Sales and Marketing Analysis

Analysis of group sales, types of customers and spending patterns give businesses the insight they need to optimize sales. Ducen's sales and marketing analysis services help organizations weigh the reasons why customers choose them and identify target markets to improve the outcomes of brand visibility activities. Determining the efficacy of a marketing campaign is also important; this helps organizations determine whether or not to launch a new campaign or repurpose an existing one.


Sentiment Analysis

Through our text analytics and sentiment analysis, hoteliers can quickly evaluate customer feedback and monitor sentiments about their brand. A detailed analysis gives insight into key areas where improvement is required. Our solutions allow customers to automatically discover topics of conversation, track them and identify the steps necessary to enhance the customer experience.


Revenue Management

Rate optimization is a major function of hospitality organizations. An optimal price ensures high occupancy rates without compromising profits. Our offerings help businesses study price elasticity and make critical decisions based on price.

Analyzing the most revenue generating sources also helps to ensure better resource utilization, operations planning and financial optimization of the business. Our offerings enable organizations to analyze trends, forecast revenues and estimate costs to take necessary steps at the right time.

Our offerings to the retail sector include:


Content Management

Our content management ensures easy management and versioning of files and tracking of reservations and orders with real-time information. Ducen's services help businesses optimize their marketing activities by ensuring regular updates to websites, blogs and other fronts, and capturing information from the content published on the web.


Customer Data Integration

Our offerings help hoteliers and resort owners store and access data from disparate sources and understand customer preferences. Our data integration services help customers optimize their resource planning and revenues.


Master Data Management

A single golden record of guests helps businesses enhance their one-to-one marketing and provide more personalized services. With Ducen's services, businesses can cater to loyal customers, pinpoint spending patterns and improve customer satisfaction.



Ducen's experience with collaborating teams through internal and external portals has enabled organizations to enhance their business relationships, automate processes and manage tasks in a more efficient manner. Our clients have gained in terms of improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues.