Life Sciences Globally, the life sciences industry has been under significant pressure due to weakening pipelines, patent cliffs, increased regulations and decreasing revenues. The high costs of discovery research and manufacturing have put organizations under duress to explore ways of managing the development and supply chain processes more effectively. The shifting focus of the industry from blockbuster drugs to individualized patient care means more collaboration between the drug companies, medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers and payers. Ducen provides cutting edge IT solutions and services needed to address these growing requirements.

Ducen IT solutions can be strategic in helping the life sciences industry shorten the time to market for new drugs and devices, and improve product quality and distribution for enhanced patient care. By effectively utilizing Big Data within the organization and its healthcare network, Ducen helps companies tap into additional data insight to streamline processes, maximize resource utilization, reduce costs and meet various regulatory compliance mandates. Our experience in providing a range of IT services has allowed us to capture industry best practices and extend these strategies to our customers to optimize results.


Drug Discovery

With the many advancements of medical technology, researchers and statisticians have vast amounts of data to sift through in order to determine the right formula and dose for safe and effective treatment. With the lengthy process of drug discovery, from formulation to toxicological testing and preclinical research, collaboration between internal and external organizations can help to deliver the best possible results. Our comprehensive solutions assist researchers in accessing the critical data they need from a variety of sources, while improving speed and accuracy of reporting throughout the discovery process. Our expertise in data integration, analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools is key in helping our customers analyze data and monitor all relevant information to determine optimal candidates for clinical trials.


Drug Development

Clinical trial processes demand fast, error-free exchange of relevant information. With our document management and workflow solutions customers can exchange and route the incoming documents to designated work queues based on set business rules. With our analytical solutions clinicians can monitor and analyze performance of the clinical trials underway. They can conduct cross study analysis and analyze historical data to make important decisions about safety, efficacy and adaptive trial strategies. Our solutions help to monitor clinical site performance against various KPIs like defined goals and targets. Our project management solutions help to identify the best and worst performing sites and identify if and when transfer of resources is needed.


Performance Management

Life sciences companies are under constant pressure to optimize performance while facing challenges like rising product development costs, declining drug discovery success rates and quality assurance standards. These factors increase the need to build and sustain new strategic business models. Ducen's solutions help life science companies track the overall performance of the organization and enable them to identify ways to improve operational and financial performance. With our solutions sponsors and CROs can monitor clinical trial performance against key milestones such as investigator selection, site initiations and enrollment; medical device manufacturers can monitor quality and performance of products from various vendors. Our solutions help deliver insights to keep costs low and improve productivity for the business.


Supply Chain Management

Ducen works with life sciences companies to help them consolidate data from multiple disparate sources and monitor strategic events of the supply chain: from procurement and manufacturing, to resource deployment and vendor performance. By leveraging a unified SCM system, we help companies accelerate time to market of products and services, improve product quality, optimize production and streamline the distribution process.


Sales and Marketing

With our comprehensive solutions enterprises can analyze multi-source data to improve sales and marketing effectiveness. Ducen solutions help customers gain a deeper understanding of their target markets, consumer trends and competitors. Our real-time reports detail performance against goals of the business to uncover hidden sales opportunities and the inherent risks in various market segments. This added intelligence helps ensure more effective sales, marketing and promotional strategies.


Regulatory and Compliance

Pharmaceutical companies are facing heightened regulatory pressures resulting in delayed submissions, slow product approvals and increased litigation. Our solutions enable organization to analyze various key conformance metrics and proactively identify and quickly resolve compliance issues. Our software helps users more efficiently track product and process conformance, supplier performance, audit management and corporate compliance. With greater visibility into the quality and submissions processes across different areas of the business, we help reduce the risk of non-compliance by giving users access to information for real time investigation, audits and monitoring.

Our offerings to the Life Sciences include:


Analytics and Information Management

The business of life sciences is large and complex with a critical need for information and insight. Data crosses the enterprise in the form of research, test data, clinical trials, product development, regulatory compliance, vendor management, provider care, patient information and more. The typical life science company collects and processes data using many different systems. Ducen analytics solutions help enterprises aggregate this data to better monitor and analyze processes and performance.


Application Integration

For most life science companies, having complete control and visibility over business processes and related information requires successful integration of different applications including ERP, CRM and SCM systems. Businesses are also seeking process improvement solutions leveraging these technologies.

Ducen with its extensive application integration services helps companies in the life science sector deploy integrated application architecture using the most common technologies and frameworks such as EAI/SOA. We help medical device and drug manufacturers integrate their research, clinical trial, sales, supply and financial data into a single data model enabling collaborative planning and monitoring.


Business Consulting

Ducen's consulting services help life science clients migrate data from one database system to another, upgrade existing business applications and integrate new applications as their business needs demand it. Our transformation solutions help to increase top-line revenue and productivity-from re-engineering supply chains to modernizing ecommerce infrastructure.


Content Management

Efficient and accurate content management is a critical requirement for life science companies, from both a usability and regulatory perspective. When managed well companies can gain improved operational and marketing efficiencies across the organization. Ducen enterprise content management (ECM) solutions help customers deploy an automated, integrated online environment for creating, reviewing, distributing and auditing controlled content.

Our ECM solutions enable businesses to unify disparate sources of information, speed work processes, optimize the supply chain and simplify compliance. With our workflow solutions we help integrate operational systems with trial sites, CROs and research labs, sharing controlled content with check-in/check-out and document versioning.


Portals and Collaborations

Most life science companies today realize the benefits of collaboration for improving data collection; this begins at the early stages of research and development through electronic data capture to new drug or medical device introductions. As the life science's market continues to evolve, the methodologies for bringing new products to market become more complex, thus relying more and more on efficient communication and collaboration strategies between everyone in the value chain.

Ducen is experienced in design and development of portals to increase both internal and external collaboration, using a unified management system.