Manufacturing Today the manufacturing industry is facing tough times due to heightened production costs, market demand for custom, innovative products and increased global competition. The need to react faster to disruptive events and connect better with the customer calls for next-generation solutions that deliver higher levels of performance. New data management strategies are being deployed to make the most of Big Data giving manufacturers added insight to accelerate product innovation, gain access into new markets and collaborate better with their suppliers and partners. At Ducen, we help companies identify and optimize key performance indicators to deliver improved efficiency and scalability across the enterprise.

Our solutions enable companies to implement cost effective and integrated processes that quickly address changing consumer demands without eroding margins. We help customers accelerate time-to-market and streamline sourcing opportunities.

Operational Intelligence

Leverage Big Data to monitor all the fine details. Ducen helps integrate isolated silos and consolidate data from multiple sources. We give you easy-to-use dashboards and scorecards to monitor key operational metrics to improve production planning and scheduling. With advanced analytical tools, you can identify and analyze issues and concerns at every level of the product lifecycle, from pre-production and resource planning to post-production and delivery.


Supply Chain Optimization

Seamless integration of production and distribution processes helps to ensure transparency across the value chain. With Ducen's advanced SCM tools manufacturers can gain insights into their business processes to optimize product inventory, reduce operating cost and minimize production backlogs. We also help users perform "what-if" analysis to evaluate multiple supply chain alternatives. This helps to better evaluate constraints in production, transportation and storage to deliver better, streamlined activities.


Customer Intelligence

Customer loyalty is driven by a strong connection between manufacturers and their customers. With Ducen solutions, we help to gather and analyze key indicators that can affect the customer experience. Our intuitive dashboards give users a "single view" of customer insights from consumer expectations, buying behavior and competitive threats, helping you connect better with customers and quickly respond to customer care, service and support demands. Our added knowledge helps to tailor ongoing marketing campaigns to increase customer response and minimize customer churn.


Channel Intelligence

Aligning profitable customers with the right distribution channels is key in optimizing revenues and margins. Ducen gives manufacturers timely, consistent and accurate reports for increased visibility into channel activity. We help pinpoint sideways movement of products, excess product returns and the true value of distribution across each channel. We help decision-makers analyze sales trends and customer buying patterns to report on margin performance, customer satisfaction and campaign effectiveness. This helps decision-makers determine what programs are most effective and what additional changes are needed.


Work Order Management

Tight management of work orders allows manufacturers to more effectively control production in order to meet delivery dates, better align resources and minimize costs. With Ducen's comprehensive solutions, we help manufacturers effectively monitor a range of activities from order processing and material handling to production schedules and costs. This in turn helps companies optimize production levels, while adapting quickly to changes and better meet end customer requirements.


Production Planning

By bringing effective production planning processes to the mix, manufacturers can achieve efficient resource utilization to optimize inventory levels, reduce raw material waste and lower overall production costs. We help managers gain on-demand access to downtime monitoring, production analytics and equipment operations to ensure quality improvement at all levels. Our solutions help integrate legacy and enterprise level data to deliver the insight needed to drive higher quality improvement measures.


Demand Planning and Inventory Management

Our solutions help companies predict consumer trends and answer important questions as it relates to replenishment, inventory and customer demand. We help to adopt smarter business models such as lean manufacturing and just in time strategies to avoid inventory backlogs and shortages. Our solutions give manufacturers the necessary tools to effectively track inventory across raw materials, production units, finished goods, inventory turns and more.


Plant Maintenance

Gain greater visibility into asset performance and maintenance across the organization. By employing analytics manufacturers can track production schedules and timely maintenance activities to minimize downtime and production delays. We help plant engineers determine process bottlenecks by adopting KPIs supported by strong data foundation capabilities and root-cause analysis.

Our offerings to the retail sector include:


Application Development

Our application development services help manufacturers address evolving business needs and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet their most immediate business requirements. Our business oriented applications help to increase the level of production automation, provide a solid basis for external and internal relations management, and optimize processes within the production lifecycle.


Business Consulting

In the manufacturing market, demand is always changing and is highly unpredictable. Building flexible IT solutions in the areas of ERP, CRM and SCM to improve manufacturing operations and increase competitiveness is a growing challenge. Ducen consulting services assist companies in addressing their current needs, while building in a framework for future enhancements.

Our proven methodologies and practices help the customer streamline business processes through proven process transformation and technology enablement.


Business Intelligence

Manufacturing firms are leveraging data from disparate sources to give stakeholders integrated information and insights to help them make more meaningful business decisions. Ducen's BI offering links customer insights from every aspect of your business. Our business intelligence services help you surface relevant data to optimize production costs, process capabilities, resource allocation, quality and other key business metrics.

Our comprehensive BI solutions deliver operational data analysis and reporting that span across applications and systems.


Content Management

Ducen content management solutions help manufactures handle the wide range of documents used in a manufacturing operation: engineering change orders, CAD drawings, letters, reports, emails, contracts, etc. With our content management solutions, users can index documents easily and provide access to other key stakeholders through search and sharing options. Our workflow solutions deliver added value, helping manufacturing companies better track back office processes and integrated quality assurance measures at each step.


Portals and Collaborations

With Ducen portal solutions, manufacturers can give customers web-based secure access to review reports, using an intuitive self-service model. With our collaboration solutions, enterprises can collaborate with their partners, suppliers and customers to foster internal and external communication, innovation and decision making.


System Integration

Ducen offers comprehensive SOA (service oriented architecture) solutions to provide manufacturing operations with complete, end-to-end integration between existing assets and emerging technologies. We help companies eliminate costs, adapt easily to future needs and deliver an attractive ROI, with better integration and operational efficiency across the value chain.