retails In the retail industry, the proliferation of on-demand e-tailing has greatly increased consumer awareness putting the customer in control; and the once clear demarcations between brick and mortar stores and e-tailing have almost vanished. As a result, consumers are interacting directly with brands and demanding a superior buying experience at lower costs. Thus, the role of BI and analytics has become more critical. While heightened customer expectations, multi-channel sales and expanding product lines add to the complexity, a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences delivered in real-time gives retailers a competitive edge.

With the advent of globalization retailers have access to a diverse pool of suppliers and customers, and with it a growing pool of information and operational systems to monitor and manage.

Retailers deal with volumes of data not only from their operational systems like POS, supply chain, inventory, to name a few, but from external sources like manufacturers, suppliers, media, financial institutions, etc. Ducen helps to make sense of this Big Data. We understand that integration, automation, collaboration and analytics are key to gaining a deeper insight into your business as well as a 360 degree view of your customers. With our comprehensive solutions, we help you meet changing consumer demands and improve both sales and margins.

Sales and Profitability Analysis

The retail industry has one of the largest and most complex supply chains, and it is not a'one size fits all' business. Hence the supply chain management (SCM) strategies vary based on the nature of the retailer's model. An agile and responsive supply chain management is key in delivering products at the right time for improved revenues and margins. Ducen's solutions can help you monitor performance at each stage of the process and collaborate with vendor partners to maintain quality service and delivery.


Inventory/In-Stock Optimization

Monitor the financial health of your business by regularly tracking and monitoring information at multiple touch points. Combine financial, POS, inventory, distributor and sales data to analyze operations in a single, consolidated view. Share this information with key decision makers on-demand.


Market Basket Analysis and Product Affinity

With Ducen's market basket and product affinity analysis, managers gain an advantage in quickly understanding which product pairings, promotions, customers and vendors are most profitable. We help merchants discover purchasing patterns from ongoing transactional data to optimize one-to-one marketing and customer loyalty programs.


Customer Analysis

Strategically plan your marketing activities to ensure a long-term relationship with customers. Achieve customer retention and identify new, potential buyers with advanced analysis tools. Get a clear picture of customer buying patterns taking into account customer segments, geographies, gender, age, income, etc. Make the most of Big Data as it grows!


Sentiment Analysis

Through text and social media analysis, quickly identify customer preferences and opinions about the company or brand. Our solutions allow you to tune into topics of conversation and identify ways to enhance the customer experience. A detailed analysis also identifies areas that may need to be improved or added.


Demand Forecasting

Forecasting demand leads to improved inventory planning, increased sales and higher margins. Ducen's demand forecasting tools help optimize results by detecting buying trends from historical data and applying "what-if" scenario analysis. Paired with our event modeling and management services, we help ensure you deliver the right sizes, colors and styles to the consumer, without leaving unnecessary product on the shelf.


Vendor Management

Retail suppliers are an extension of your business, so it is important to know how your vendors are performing. We help design solutions that give you added visibility, allowing you to identify top performers, streamline the supply chain and source opportunities for future promotions, assortments and design service levels.

Our offerings to the retail sector include:


Business Intelligence

Combine data management with our predictive analytics to understand the customer better and make optimum use of your business data. Ducen's BI solutions help clients link customer insights in every aspect of decision making. Embed 'smart' tools and strategies into your processes with a unified architecture that offers opportunities for ever-expanding business. Our comprehensive BI solutions cater to all your strategical and tactical goals with operational data analysis and reporting capabilities that span across applications and systems.


Content Management

Our content management services ensure easy management and versioning of artifacts, tracking orders and payments with real-time information. Ducen's services help businesses optimize their marketing activities by ensuring regular updates to websites, blogs and other fronts, capturing information from the content published on the web.


Data Integration

Bringing together all relevant information from different applications and systems helps create a holistic view of the business and its core processes. Our data integration services help retailer's access data from disparate sources to understand customer preferences and optimize resource planning and revenues.


Data Warehousing Services

Ducen's data warehousing capabilities help to accelerate customer insight, product and service management, supply chain processes, merchandising management and more. We help you consolidate data across multiple channels and products for speed and accuracy in decision making. Minimize development costs and reduce risks with our retail specific models that support rapid delivery of business functionality.


Portals and Collaboration

Ducen's experience with collaborating teams through internal and external portals has enabled organizations to enhance their business relationships, automate ocesses and manage tasks in a more efficient manner. Our clients have benefited in terms of improved customer satisfaction and increased revenues.


System Integration

Balance increasing technology complexities and ever changing business environments to deliver better business results. Take advantage of our integration capabilities and deliver sustainable improvements in business processes and enterprise performance. Our delivery framework and development resources help customers respond more efficiently to new technologies while protecting current investments and improving system costs.