In a fast changing business environment, it is important for businesses to be proactive to maintain a competitive edge. Having the right information available, at your fingertips can mean the difference between better business performance and higher margins or lower customer satisfaction and lost opportunities. With the growing demands of Big Data, advanced analytics and BI systems are being implemented to make sense of it all.

Analance Business Intelligence (BI) software offers the latest in data analytics, helping customers uncover more meaning from data to drive smarter decisions and improve overall operational effectiveness.

With Ducen's Analance Business Intelligence suite, we help customers easily capture, integrate, visualize and analyze data to make more informed decisions that positively impact their business. Our leading edge solutions help to quickly and dynamically explore organizational data, investigate trends and patterns, uncover hidden facts and share insights across the organization.

Analance Business Intelligence platform offers a powerful administrative tool that is easy to deploy and maintain, providing maximum personalization for all your user groups. The software leverages operational data from relational and multi-dimensional sources to deliver highly enriched interactive reports. As a result, you get up-to-the-minute data to make more well-informed decisions that drive new levels of performance and productivity.


Heterogeneous Data Integration

Organizations typically capture information from different applications and systems, extracting data from all sources and merging it into a single, integrated source. This can become a challenging, even seemingly impossible, task for many organizations. With Ducen's extensive data integration solutions, we help enterprises seamlessly integrate heterogeneous data from different data sources, enabling end users to perform sophisticated and detailed analysis of their data to make meaningful business decisions.

Interactive Visualization

See your business at a glance. With Analance interactive visualization tools, you can combine all the data you need from multiple data sources to create personalized real-time dashboards and scorecards. Our interactive web-based reports and dashboards let you quickly and easily spot trends in data, see deviations from those trends, identify outliers and detect data quality issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Analance provides a comprehensive set of charts, maps and gauges as well as interactive capabilities that makes information available intuitively and facilitates access at the click of a mouse.


Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

Enterprises are in need of tools to explore underlying data to make meaningful business decisions. Analance Business Intelligence software helps to analyze data in ways never thought possible. Business users are empowered to create their own analytics. They can measure across different dimensions and utilize drill down, drill through options to get more granular level detail. With Analance multi-dimensional analysis, we help eliminate barriers to data exploration, giving you more power over your business critical data.


Automated Alerts and Scheduling

Real-time alerts let you know the moment a critical event happens in your business. Analance automates discovery and learning, so business issues are instantly highlighted. Alerts are pushed to the relevant recipients and include detailed reports showing the cause of the performance changes. Reports can also be scheduled and distributed based on specific time frames.


Self-Serve Capability

The self-serve capabilities within Analance empower business users to make faster, more informed decisions by allowing them to access the data they need instantly. Analance helps business users create their own reports and perform in-depth analysis. With an intuitive wizard, users can build reports, interactively to create and modify views and explore data as needed all without relying on programmers or support. Create charts, graphs, maps, and slice and dice the data according to your needs and save information easily for future reference.


Location Intelligence

Combining BI with fully-integrated mapping capabilities helps you to visualize your spatial and BI data simultaneously. Empower non-GIS experts to gain the advantage of using location data to pinpoint relationships, make more insightful decisions and address day-to-day business challenges. Analance lets you query events when and where they happen.


Sharing and Collaboration

Imagine connecting the data and people of your organization creatively to help everyone make better business decisions. By combining new collaboration tools with Analance intelligence you can easily share ideas and best practices throughout the organization. Through single sign-on, users can move between SharePoint and Analance to streamline your business operations and make BI content incredibly easy to share.


Integrated BI Solution

Unlike most BI products, we deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated platform. From meta-data to dashboards, user security and scheduling, enterprises require that users interact with a single application. With our Analance software, users gain insight across multiple business systems to drive business improvement and achieve a competitive edge. With our value-added services, we support a rapid Analance deployment that significantly reduces your training, operational and administration costs.