Today's global economy clearly emphasizes the need for CXO's to make timely, informed decisions in order to stay ahead. Business Intelligence has become a critical tool to extract meaningful information from a variety of data sources and effectively manage operations to improve efficiencies, cut costs and add more value to the business. Analance Business Intelligence (BI) software offers a complete solution helping organizations gather, store, visualize, analyze and share key data.

Analance Business Intelligence suite offers integrated, robust tools for better and faster decision making, delivering an amazingly powerful collaborative BI experience for its customers.


Dashboard and Scorecard

Analance Dashboards and Scorecards give users a quick, interactive and actionable view of company's performance metrics at-a-glance to measure and monitor business success. Analance Dashboards provide instant access to information from different perspectives through enhanced capabilities like drill down, drill through and multiple filter options.

Easy to manage visual cues help users track individual, department or operational performance quickly and easily and gather additional detail to uncover new actionable data intelligence.

Our solutions help you to customize KPIs and gain granular level detail with a simple point and click.  MORE

Ducen Data Discovery and Analytics

Gain fast access to data within your data warehouse, and distribute aggregated and summarized data securely with different consolidation and sub-consolidation reports.  MORE


Real-Time Analysis

Analance Real-Time Analysis lets you instantly monitor operational information to make timely, profitable decisions. Our intuitive software helps to quickly gather and assess key data points within a multi-dimensional structure, and generate dynamic queries and reports that are easy to manipulate and manage.

Our quick view reports display data in multiple perspectives helping you identify business patterns and trends so you can respond rapidly to changing business demands; this data can be refreshed instantly for more up-to-the minute analysis.

With our solutions you get real-time access to operational information, to accelerate response and dramatically improve the availability, reliability and performance of decision making across enterprise.  MORE


Managed Reporting

Analance managed reporting solutions provide formatted, preconfigured reports required for routine business activities. We develop these reports with inputs from our clients, so you get instant access to data and extended visibility across the organization.

With Ducen's managed reports, you have the ability to create, publish and share commonly requested business reports in a centralized, managed and secure environment. Our solutions are built in a role-based reporting environment where access to the reports is provided according to the privileges available.

The software also allows you to share information easily with other key decision-makers using common export options to any standard format. Personalized folders can be used to store your reports and be quickly saved for future data analysis.  MORE


Self-Serve Reporting

Analance AdHoc Reporting empowers employees across your organization to make faster and more informed decisions. Combining the rich tools of Analance with the user's business expertise, our solutions put the power of decision making in the user's hand. With our self-serve features you can view and manipulate data based on your particular business requirements to compile, sort and filter business information and make meaningful decisions.

The information can then be easily saved and exported to various formats like Excel, PDF and Word and shared with other key stakeholders and user groups. Recurring reports can also be created through advanced scheduling techniques.  MORE


SharePoint Collaboration

Analance Business Intelligence with Sharepoint provides a single data access gateway through its single sign-on option. Our SharePoint Business Intelligence solutions create a framework that is non-intrusive and collaborative and enables the entire company to leverage enterprise BI capabilities within its core business processes, to optimize decisions, improve communication and accelerate performance.

Through SharePoint collaboration, employees can more easily connect and collaborate with each other, find peers with subject matter expertise and share content to make better informed decisions. Reports and analysis will then be managed in a centralized and secure environment,helping to deliver a more unified solution across the business.  MORE