Enterprises today face enormous challenges in analyzing data to get timely, accurate information when they need it in order to make smarter, more informed decisions. Users are demanding solutions that will help them gain a competitive edge over their rivals, capitalize on new revenue opportunities and deliver sustainable performance across the business.

Companies can easily access business-critical information through Ducen's advanced Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions to substantially enhance their bottom line. Ducen offers a combination of information management, business intelligence, and analytical tools under one umbrella. Our combined expertise in this area has helped a number of companies tackle various business challenges and tailor solutions to meet their unique business needs.

Service Offerings



Data Integration

Ducen Data Integration solutions are designed to enable the organization to collate silos of information and present them as a single version of truth to all users. We provide a spectrum of data integration solutions like ETL, CDC, enterprise information integration and others.


Data Warehousing Services

With our Data Warehousing services, we help organizations better understand their data and transform key variables into useful and actionable information. Our data warehousing services include data warehousing design and modeling, data warehouse maintenance and others.


Business Intelligence

Ducen Business Intelligence solutions help organizations make informed decisions, uncovering new trends and opportunities to increase profits. Our Business Intelligence solutions are comprised of data warehouse, metadata management and online analytical processing solutions.


Ducen has in-depth expertise in various technologies and across different verticals, helping to deliver solutions that consistently improve clients' business performance.