IT organizations within large and midsize companies have always been under intense pressure to reduce costs while providing better services to its internal customers. Today IT is increasingly driving growth and innovation in the digital economy making a lean and nimble infrastructure a top priority.

Application Development



Cloud Applications

  • Public & Private
  • Web Mobile
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Infrastructure & Tool Kits
  • Data & Analytics, Internet of Things ( IOT )

Mobile Applications

Mobility solutions are rapidly transforming the way businesses work from increasing employee productivity, to enhancing customer experience, to improving collaboration. Ducen’s Mobility Solutions help you unlock your mobility potential with...


Web Applications

In today’s inter-connected world, rapidly changing technology has led to an increased demand for high performance, web enabled solutions offering device-agnostic and cross-platform, seamless user experience. Ducen’s experts will help you transition your native applications to web-based applications in line with your business needs as well as create world class custom applications that deliver on the promise of ROI. 



SOA / Middleware

  • Point to Point Communication
  • Asynchonous API's
  • Parallel Execution or Distribution
  • Business Process Management
  • SAO Governance

Legacy Reengineering

  • Modernization
  • Mobile Ready
  • Move to Web or Cloud
  • Data & Analytics, Internet of Things