Today, organizations are facing business challenges around a rapidly changing technology landscape, omni-channel customer interaction, changing customer expectations, high customer churn and rising costs related to operations. Having a great product just isn’t enough anymore. Neither is the best in hardware and software for enterprise IT. A product or an IT setup is only as good as its customer support.

When it comes to support, research says CES (Customer Effort Score) is a better indicator than CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) in predicting customer loyalty. Anticipating problems and addressing them before they actually occur reduces number of disruptions, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction & loyalty. Ducen has partnered with CSS Corp to bring you next generation customer support using the predictive power of its Analance Business Intelligence & Analytics Platform. 

Our proactive support services leverage technology to deliver remarkable customer experiences. We have transformed customer support from a necessary function for resolving customer problems into a value- generating service that is a strategic differentiator for you by adding Omni-channel, Automation and Analytics. 

Whether it is resolving a complex product issue or supporting a dynamic IT environment across platforms, we have the experience drawn from a billion transactions. Our next generation support services  seamlessly integrate various touch customer points across channels. The automation platform is able to analyze support issues and proactively resolve them quickly in real time. Our analytics engine is able to break down structured and unstructured data to bring about actionable insights that help businesses make intelligent decisions.

What’s more, all of this on a per subscriber pricing model across Omni-channel touchpoints. Our OPEX Optimization strategy allows us to offer comprehensive services to supplement the standard warranty and deliver support for high-end technology products. We also offer self-help support through resources, online communities and tools.  



  • World-class global technology processes
  • L1 to L4 tech support & product support
  • Warranty management, remote tech support and troubleshooting
  • Automated support to trouble-shoot routine tasks
  • Analytics for pre-emptive support
  • Installation and configuration support



  • Active Delivery Framework, a metrics driven approach that is built with insights from over a billion transactions
  • Proven experience from supporting over 1000+ products and multi-vendor environments
  • 24/7 tech support services from 15 delivery centers across 4 continents in 25 languages
  • Omni-channel support for consistent CX (Customer Experience)
  • Insights from analytics for intelligent pre-emptive & predictive support
  • Automation of support into self-service, reducing repeat contacts and moving customers to less expensive channels
  • Access to world-class skills in tech support
  • On-time, on-budget and secure transition