Adding to our network of reputable partner organizations is JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd., a technology-driven global consultancy company headquartered in Turkey. We are excited to announce this strategic partnership with a leader in digital transformation, as Ducen and the rest of the world navigate the new normal.

Through the partnership, Ducen, along with JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd., will build smarter organizations across Turkey, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, and other new markets with Advanced Analytics technologies and the enterprise platform Analance.

Partnership announcement: Ducen and JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd.

A step in the right direction for both organizations

As a reliable solution partner, JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd. aims to help companies—from start-ups to scale-ups—grow and go digital through customized solutions tailored to the organization’s goals, including people transformation and mentorship services.

In the same way, Ducen works as an extension of enterprises’ teams, providing quality solutions and immediate business value in the realm of advanced analytics, application development, and other IT professional services.

With this strategic partnership, both organizations will continue to help facilitate enterprise growth and digital transformation in the Manufacturing, FMCG, Telecommunications, and other verticals in key markets. As the world becomes digital connected, Ducen with JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd. will build smarter organizations with Advanced Analytics.

About Ducen

Ducen IT helps business and IT users of Fortune 1000 companies with advanced analytics, business intelligence, and data management through its unique end-to-end data science platform called Analance. Analance™ is a self-serve advanced analytics platform that allows users to prepare, manage, model, and visualize data from a single platform. Key platform capabilities include advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data management, visualization, and reporting. Built with business users and data scientists in mind, Analance models data with pre-built or custom ML algorithms for critical decision making.

About JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd.

JL Management and Industrial Systems Ltd. is a technology-driven global consultancy company that is specialized to help enterprises boost their businesses and go digital. The services are consultation through people transformation systems and mentorship services for SMEs, start-up companies, scale-up companies, and customized solutions for the Client’s business, including training of Client’s people, setting new processes, grabbing targeted performance level, and delivering turnkey systems. They offer free bi-annual business health reports.