Custom web application development

Our team understands every aspect of the web application development cycle, including backend development, integration with legacy applications, system admin portals, API development, third party integrations, security management, payments, notifications management and personalizing app experience.

We have built a wide portfolio of solutions, having developed and implemented a variety of applications across multiple enterprises. Our  offerings range from simple web-based billing solutions to more complex cross platform, work-flow based collaboration portals. Other solution offerings, include:

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Why choose Ducen?

With its deep expertise in web application development, Ducen partners with clients to scale their legacy applications across multiple platforms for a seamless cross-platform user experience. Our team has rich competencies in enterprise level application development across a wide range of technologies, including Microsoft .NET, Java, and PHP, and multiple domains.

With Ducen’s custom-built web applications, our clients receive best-in-class, seamless and cross-platform user experience. For a world-class user experience, we develop complex HTML5, jQuery, and AJAX powered web applications with loosely coupled (decoupled) server-side technologies and business components.

Ducen develops complex web applications based on the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, separating business logic from user interface design, allowing for easy scalability and user experience customized to client requirements. Ducen’s in-house team develops MVC-based custom applications using advanced frameworks like Drupal and ASP .Net.

As enterprise IT landscapes become more complex and diverse, organizations demand robust security frameworks without compromising on user experience. Integrated application authentication has become more important. Ducen implements sophisticated integrated authentication solutions with complex web applications, including Single Sign-on, IP Security, RADIUS/IAS (Remote Authentication) and Network Access Authentication.

We integrate functional and domain level security standards and procedures for all web applications. Our in-house team implements web application security solutions based on the OWASP framework, including Web Application Security Scanners (WASS), Vulnerability Scanners and Penetration Testing (VSPT) solutions, Static Source Code Analyzers (SSCA) and Web Application Firewalls (WAF). We routinely implement OAuth, PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant standards for business-critical applications across organizations.

Web applications designed with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) shorten time-to-market for apps and improve business agility. Ducen designs web applications from ground-up leveraging SOA standards, enabling cross-platform standardized user experience, easy database access for other enterprise applications without data duplication and effortless integration.

Web users today are increasingly accessing web services from multiple mobile devices, driving demand for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript compliant applications for a seamless user experience. Ducen, with its strong focus on web development, has built an expert team of developers and UX designers to design, develop and implement highly interactive, cross platform applications for enterprises.

Ducen’s Technical Expertise

Ducen has developed and implemented web applications across multiple technology stacks, including ASP.Net, SharePoint, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, PHP/MySQL, Node JS and Angular JS. Our expert team of web designers actively engage with project stakeholders to design applications with rich, highly interactive user interfaces for a seamless, cross-platform user experience. We develop applications that comply with web services standards – UDI, SOAP, XML, and WSDL – to access customer databases and other web based systems, and integrate with client applications.

Ducen technical stack


  • Simple UI design that requires minimal or no guidance

  • Flexible, robust architectures

  • Quality of solution delivered vouch for the Ducen brand name

  • Long term customer engagements

  • Scalable applications for any platform

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