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As complexities of running a business and managing growing data volumes continue to increase, companies seek more efficient ways to solve key business challenges. Empowering decision makers within an organization with the right information at the right time in a format that helps make decisions quickly is crucial to an organization’s success. Our competency in the field of business intelligence (BI) helps clients leverage industry best practices, deploy proven methodologies and take a more holistic approach to optimizing business processes. We offer comprehensive business intelligence services to help clients harness data and improve decision making across an enterprise. Our business intelligence services address the fundamental challenge: closing the loop between business planning and execution.

Why consider Business Intelligence Services?

Service Breakdown

Business Intelligence Service Offerings

We offer customized analytics and business intelligence solutions to meet clients’ specific BI needs. Our team help clients identify and prioritize business goals and objectives and then map out specific BI and technology strategies to actualize these goals in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our architecture and design processes encompass a full range of services from mapping out logical and physical architecture for data and integration to managing dimensional modeling, physical modeling, ETL design, OLAP cubes, predictive analytics and report/dashboard design. We ensure that an overall BI platform meets client business and technical requirements, leveraging the best OLAP modeling option based on a star schema or snowflake schema.

We offer infrastructure planning services bearing in mind future requirements in performance, scalability and data volume growth. The team leverages existing infrastructure and investments while building in a flexible framework for future infrastructure, resource and capacity planning.

We offer BI implementation services that include data management, reporting and analytics. Our experienced BI professionals bring in-depth product acumen and business expertise gained through many successful BI implementations.

System and user testing in a BI project is often elaborate and time consuming considering complexity of data reconciliation, metrics definitions and report accuracy. We have a well-developed methodology, coupled with years of experience, to ensure processes are executed as efficiently as possible.

To ensure healthy continuity with increased user adoption and ongoing platform stability, we offer support and maintenance services. After a BI implementation is complete, we perform a controlled handover process to a client’s internal IT team and engage in follow-up support when needed. Our teams offers a wide array of support services to ensure the ongoing success of BI solutions, including:

  • SLA-based managed services and support
  • Performance tuning
  • Change management
  • BI software upgrades


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