Enterprise Architecture Services

Respond with agility to changing business needs

Track how the enterprise responds to day-to-day business challenges and whether it has achieved its vision with a well-designed enterprise architecture (EA) – a blue print of the organization’s structure and operations. There has never been a more urgent time for a new agile EA that responds effectively to the demands of digital transformation in today’s wired world. Digitization, mobility, and Internet of Things (IoT) generates large amount of data across the enterprise and its immediate ecosystem. Agile EA goes beyond documentation and framework to leverage Big Data Analytics and provide a pulse of the enterprise. It bridges the gap between enterprise strategy and technology delivery.

Services Breakdown

Enterprise Architecture Offerings

Engage senior management in aligning strategic priorities and optimizing existing projects in a comprehensive roadmap.


  • Business gap analysis and migration plan
  • Value management process
  • Strategic roadmap with:
    • As-is business scenario
    • To-be business scenario
  • Change management process
  • Capability model
  • Business buy-in for transformation


  • # of initiatives driven by capabilities

IT Assessment explores

  • Reducing complexity of IT systems
  • Application portfolio optimization
  • Application and capabilities risk assessment
  • Technology portfolio optimization
  • Optimization of existing processes and infrastructure
  • EA’s contribution to innovation and technology trends
  • Creation of technology standards
  • Defining architectural building blocks (ABB) and solution building blocks (SBB)
  • Creation of references architecture
  • Solutions and vendor analysis across technology, services and applications


  • Applications & capabilities heatmap
  • Catalogs of linked applications and capabilities
  • Catalog of technologies including standard and incubatory
  • Value management process
  • Vendors recommendation


  • # of ABB
  • # POC
  • # TRB
  • # Products/technologies evaluated
  • # Technologies/applications to be decommissioned
  • # SARs

A SOA roadmap helps an organization set and manage expectations, achieve short-term wins, prove long-term benefits, and keep its SOA initiative on track. This roadmap includes measures to evolve a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) from the current level of maturity to the next level of maturity.


  • A catalog of applications
  • Component diagrams
  • An assessment of existing applications heatmap and technology life cycle
  • SOA Architectural Building Blocks (ABB)
  • Identification of patterns to reuse for faster delivery in future
  • Primary or strategic vendors’ support for SOA roadmap
  • A technical roadmap of initiatives toward SOA


  • # of interfaces
  • # of systems

TAF is a description of future processes to be used by IT to perform its duties. This includes detailed written procedures, roles and resulting outcomes. TAF is based on a tailored version of an EA framework (TOGAF) for defining enterprise architecture, SCRUM for the delivery, PMP for project management, RUP for solution architecture, and so on. Open standards ensure transparency. TAF encompasses solution delivery, service provisioning, technical infrastructure management, security, and business relationship management.


  • TAF in Eclipse Process Framework Format
  • Multiple delivery methods in Dynamic HTML Format
  • Presentation and reference material

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